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Bridal Shower Planning

Collaboration is the Key to Your Planning Effort

As much as you may like planning surprises, keeping the bride-to-be in the dark about her bridal shower is definitely not the way to go. She really needs to be involved because this is one busy girl. Your bridal shower may not be the only one scheduled. Perhaps her co-workers are preparing their own celebration.

The bride's family may also be planning a get-together for family members. These different scenarios could lead to complications regarding scheduling the event. And then there is the question of gifts and avoiding duplications. For all these reasons you need to consult with the bride. Of course, she's your friend, maybe even your best friend, possibly your sister, so you know her well, and therefore you can still plan a few surprises you'll know she'll enjoy, just for that special WOW factor.

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Plan a Budget

Yes, we do need to consider the B word: Budget. Bridal showers cost money, and traditionally the person planning the bridal shower is responsible for the expenses. Of course, the bride's family will normally help with the location and invitations, and friends can usually be relied upon to assist with the food and decorations. If you are on a tight budget, don't hesitate to ask for assistance. If that's not an option, you can plan a lovely bridal shower on a shoestring: this guide will show you how.

No matter what the size of your bank account, it's good to be aware of costs and to keep everything in perspective. Of course you can spend a fortune on fancy decorations, lush floral arrangements, catered buffets and entertainment, but at the end of the day, what the bride will treasure most is the memory of a wonderful time spent with her friends.

Team Work Helps

Don't be reluctant to ask for help along the way. Bridal shower planning a can be a real team effort and a wonderful way of strengthening friendships. You might need to rely upon others for such items as vases, china and linens or to use someone's house or garden for the location.

As maid-of-honor, you may want to involve the bridesmaids in different aspects of the preparation, thereby lessening your load. Thus, one person could look after decorations; another could deal with the invitations, and so on. Getting together to brainstorm is a great way of coming up with original ideas for the event too.

While you may feel perfectly comfortable organizing the get-together, you will probably welcome lots of helping hands on the day of the party. Assigning different tasks to your assistants will help the party flow smoothly and ensure that nothing is forgotten while leaving you time to enjoy the party.

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