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Bridal Shower Ideas to Help
You Plan for the Perfect Party

As a maid-of-honor or a bridesmaid, you suddenly find yourself thrust into throwing a bridal shower. Before panic sets in, relax, help is at hand, with this free step-by-step guide brimming full of practical and fun bridal shower ideas for creating a truly magical event that will be remembered and cherished by everyone, especially the bride.

FREE Step-By-Step Guide Shows You Exactly How To Plan And Prepare The Ultimate Bridal Shower

You’ll quickly discover some of the best bridal shower ideas, concepts, and themes that are guaranteed to have you hosting a once-in-a-lifetime, special event that your friend will never forget.

This breakthrough guide will teach you what it takes to host the perfect bridal shower, you'll save hours of frustration and know exactly what you need to do -- from step-by-step checklists to a detailed schedule plan, and much, much more.

Here's a small taste of what you'll learn:

Envision yourself being able to decorate in a way that will enhance the mood of your shower attendees...
You will learn how to choose the best location for the shower to match the size of the guest list and the type of activities planned....
Easy ways to create wonderful invitations that include all necessary information and the best time to send them out to your guests...
Imagine playing fun games to help you break the ice when the guests don't all know each other. This keep things moving along and are a wonderful way to facilitate interaction...
How to select the best day and time when the bridal shower is to take place to fit everyone busy schedule. You don't want to miss this one!...
How to create a truly memorable menu no matter what your level of culinary expertise happens to be, you can plan a meal that reflects your experience. ..
Bridal gift strategies that will ensure the happy couple won't be stuck with two toasters or burdened with things they don't need. This tip is amazing!
And, much, much more...

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Begin with the basics, such as planning the guest list, selecting the time and the date, as well as choosing a location. Once this framework is completed, become inspired by wonderful bridal shower ideas for invitations, mood-enhancing decorations, ice-breaker games, entertainment and special party favors. Then explore all the possibilities for creating customized themes that reflect the special couple’s personalities and interests or that evoke a particular time, place or emotion.

Daunted by planning the menu? From simple to complex, you can choose what fits your budget and create a meal that is truly memorable, from delectable finger food to a sit-down lunch, from a barbecue on the beach to a picnic in the park. You’ll find plenty of ideas to please your guests without suffering a culinary collapse.

And don’t forget the gifts. Check out practical strategies for ensuring the happy couple won’t be stuck with two toasters or burdened with things they don’t need. After all, gifts are for giving pleasure, not headaches!

You’ll find helpful advice throughout the guide to keep you focused, on track, and having fun, plus plenty of tips for creating that special ‘buzz’ that will make your shower the talk of the town!

Throwing a shower has a long and honorable tradition. While no one knows for sure when the practice of giving practical gifts to the bride began, folklore suggests it started in Holland when a father, displeased with his daughter’s choice for a husband, refused to give her a dowry.

The villagers, concerned that she would have nothing with which to begin her new life as a wife, threw a party, and showered her with all the things she would need to set up her household. Over the years, it evolved, influenced by different traditions and circumstances.

While many couples today have established households and don’t require the basics, it's still a wonderful occasion to strengthen and renew friendships, forge new ones, signal passages, give meaningful and heartfelt gifts, and honor the tradition of marriage.Your role as the planner is indeed a very special one, for you create beautiful memories to be treasured and cherished forever.